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JM Buildings Square Tubed Metal Buildings

Carports-Shelters-RV Carports-Metal Garages-Metal Sheds-Loafing Sheds DELIVERED & INSTALLED! Washington & Oregon! | Kits shipped to 48 states!

SQUARE TUBED metal buildings are designed to withstand the harshest environments. Pest resistant, outlast wood structures and are 100% recyclable. Designed to withstand extreme events-won't spread fire

J.M. BUILDINGS most economical line of Metal Buildings are square tube construction. These can be customized into Metal Carports, RV covers, Metal Garages, Lean-to’s, Barns & Loafing Sheds. Up to 30′ width and as long as you’d like! J.M. BUILDINGS prices include free project planning estimate, delivery & install to Washington & Oregon!

  1.  The square tubed styles are the most economical to design! Top ideas are Carports, RV Covers, Garages, Barns, Loafing Sheds, and Single Slope roofs/Lean to’s. 
  2. Can be installed on ground, gravel, concrete, or asphalt.
  3. Square Tubed buildings can be built to local building codes to wthstand the harshest weather. Engineered drawings are available for an additional cost
  4. Available in 14 gauge & 12 gauge square galvanized framing & 29 gauge powder coated steel agricultural sheeting.
  5. Available up to 30′ in width & as long as you’d like!
  6. Select from our 10 color options to complement your existing structures 
  7. All steel buildings offer shorter build times than wood structures
  8. Depending on time of year our manufacturer can provide buildings in weeks not months!

Our manufacturer offers 10 custom color options

Delivery & Install included to Washington & Oregon. Note: Scheduling, delivery, and installation of Square Tubed buildings are handled by the manufacturer.

Standard buildings come 14 gauge framing, 3:12 pitch, 4’ on center leg spacing, and center bracing on each truss. Corner bracing is not standard but will be added onto each estimate as they are necessary for Pacific NW weather.

The vapor barrier is offered to prevent condensation and is highly recommended when a building is enclosed on 3 or more sides. These are our most affordable Carports, RV covers, Barns and Garages you can buy!


Round Horizontal roofs are the most economical style available! The paneling runs horizontally front to back, draining water to the end of the building- because of this the longest length available is 31′.


A-Frame Horizontal roofs allow you to obtain the nice look of the A-Frame VERTICAL roof at a more affordable price. The A-Frame Horizontal roof also drains front to back like the Round style, so the longest length available is 31′.


A-Frame Vertical roofs are the strongest, and easiest roof to maintain- this is because the water drains to the side of the building. Vertical roofs are ideal for high snow areas, forest areas, and any building longer than 30′ in length. Vertical roofs are the only style that gutters & lean-to can be added onto.

Vertical Lean-to / Single Slope Roof . The single slope lean-to roof is Higher on one side, allowing all the water, snow, debris to drain Vertically off the opposite side. This roof style is usually desired when going next to an existing structure.

Metal Carport & Building Inspiration Gallery

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel

All of our materials used are 100% galvanized

  • 14 gauge (2.5" square tubing)
  • 12 gauge (2.25" square tubing)

R15 Reflective Insulation | Vapor Barrier

  1. Reflective Insulation (R-V 15.67)
  2. ICC-ES Recognized and energy star qualified
  3. More tear resistant than foam interior
  4. Works in temperatures as extreme - 20 Degrees Celsius and as high as 80 degrees Celsius, if an airspace is added it can go up to 300 degrees Celsius
  5. No Asbestos

Sheet Panels

They are 29 gauge in thickness. Our longest single panel is 31' long.

Special/Building of the Month


  • Before You Build: It is the customers responsibility to locate and inform the installers on site of any underground cables or lines of any kind. Power lines must be 10 feet above the peak of the roof or be deactivated during construction. Make sure building site is clear of any tree limbs that would obstruct constructions before the installers arrive. Installers require a minimum of 18 inches of room all the way around the structure. IF not, please send pictures of installation site. (exception will be considered on a case by case basis).
  • Horizontal Roofs: Horizontal roofs are only warrantied up to 36′ in length and are not recommended to go beyond 51′ in length. All Horizontal Roofs between 37′ & 51′ in length will require a waver signed at the time of order.
  • Building Site: Land MUST be level, if the installers arrive on site and surface / foundation is not levelled there will be a labor fee applied to final balance.
  • Labor Charges: Any site improvements, leveling, excavating, draining, retaining, etc. performed by Seller or its contractors will be billed separately to Buyer and Buyer agrees to pay for such improvements. Buyer must be aware that if install location is more than 100’ away from where the crew must unload, there will be an additional fee. Buildings that have paneling on side must have 18” around the building area to be able to enclose. If 18” is not available extra labor may be done with an additional fee.
  • Reflective Insulation / Vapor Barrier: (reflective RV 15.67) Available at an additional cost. (We highly recommend insulation on all enclosed buildings). Note: Fully enclosed buildings that are not insulated will have condensation and daylight coming in throughout the entire building. Request fact sheet for more info.
  • Build Over’s: If the structure is to be built on any wall, dock or other base 12 inches and taller or installed over an existing structure, there will be an additional charge. Example: hot tubs, travel trailers, generators, kennels, stem walls, ecology blocks.
  • Wind Anchors / Ground Supports / Double legs: Additional Wind Anchors are required if the customer wants their building to be certified to 105 MPH wind. If your ground is excessively rocky or hard, to were installers are un-able to install anchors, a restocking charges may apply. Note: The manufacturer will not be liable for building collapsing or sustaining damaged due to wind if the customer declines to purchase additional wind anchors for 105mph or ground supports or double legsHigher wind speed certifications available upon request.
  • Special ground supports: (prevents carports from swaying), are recommend for open or partially open buildings taller than 8’.
  • Double legs: Recommended for buildings over 12ft tall. Wavier available.
  • Local Requirements: JM BUILDINGS & CONSTRUCTION makes every effort to have accurate estimates. However, customers do not always supply us with all the information necessary. We will not be responsible for price changes due to new information.
  • Product Pricing: We have set prices for every building we sell and every customer pays the same price. This is our promise; your neighbor will not pay less than you. (except for any sales offered by the manufacturer at the time of order). Therefore mistakes & typos will not be honored. NOTE: In most cases, we will MATCH any competitors price on IDENTACAL buildings.
  • Authorized Dealership: We are an authorized dealer for Itiel’s Carports & Metal Buildings LLC. and CSC Building Systems. Our prices are set by the manufacturer, we do NOT mark up prices, you will not be charge a “middle man fee”.
  • Complaints and Repairs: If you are not completely satisfied you must contact the JM BUILDINGS & CONSTRUCTION and or the manufacture within ten days of the installation date.
  • Island Installs: Delivery to islands without bridges may have additional charges. Make sure to inform your sales rep before you order.
  • Scheduling: Once your building is ordered and the deposit made, scheduling will call you one to two weeks in advance and go over your order and give you the time and day of your installation. NOTE: The manufacture does not charge for delivery, times are approximate, if the installers finish a job early, they may call you the day before or if the installers get delayed at a customer’s house, they may show up later than scheduled. Delivery times vary by area and time of year. Ask your sales rep for current delivery times in your area.
  • Building to Code: JM BUILDINGS & CONSTRUCTION will not be responsible for any permits or restrictions. Building permits, if required: are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Please refer to your local building department for more information. If you choose not to order an engineered Building you agree to hold harmless JM BUILDINGS & CONSTRUCTION from any action including but not limited to any costs of related to and including, engineered drawings, additional anchors, permits, requirements and or restrictions.
  • Questions: Please direct any questions you may have to your sales rep.