Metal Carports

When it comes to Northwest metal buildings, we have it all! Chances are if your neighbor has a metal carport, metal garage or metal RV cover it came from All Steel Northwest.As the top provider of metal carports, metal garages, RV covers and storage buildings our goal is to assist you when it comes to gaining a better understanding of your need so we can provide the right metal building, metal carport or metal garage to suit your needs. Delivery and installation is always included. Over the years we have helped thousands, and we would love to help you too. At All Steel NW, our products are all made in America and supported by our fantastic staff in Belfair Washington.

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Additional Information about this product:

  • All buildings are certified for at least 30lb snow load
  • Additional anchors are required for 105 MPH, anchors are not included
  • Land must be level before insulation
  • R15 Insulation – performs in extreme temperatures
  • Delivery and installation is FREE!
  • Think about adding an (R-V 15.67) vapor barrier to resist condensation!

Understanding a Roofline

A Day in  the life of an All Steel Northwest Carport

Classic White Round Roof Horizontal Double Carport





All Steel NW Best Selling Metal Carports

Here is an image of another happy All Steel NW customer safe and dry under his metal carport. Note this metal carport sports a beautiful Evergreen color and offers rounded corners with a clear finished edge. Plenty of room for two vehicles to stay mud and leaf free! A carport can keep your car far away from the elements, whether harmful summer rays, winter snow, sleet or rain. A carport usually has a roof and sometimes sides. However, it is not usually enclosed.

All Steel NW Metal Carports Product C-6

This All Steel NW metal carport in Clay Blue sports a gable at both ends adding extra strength to the classic horizontal round roof – plenty of room and protection from wind and rain for the owner’s high-end vehicle. This happy carport owner did an excellent job of creating a welcoming outdoor space in addition to protection against their vehicles from the elements. 

All Steel NW Metal Carports Product C-5

This A-frame metal carport in traditional BARN RED features added supports and additional overhang for added protection against the elements.

All Steel NW Metal Carports Product C-10

Metal Carports are so versatile you are guaranteed to find one to fit your needs.

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A carport provides shelter for your vehicle. People and pets aren’t the only things that need shelter from the elements. The safe weather footprint under your All Steel NW metal carport can offer a secure place for outdoor play in addition to bonus space for entertaining. Besides a home, an automobile is considered to be one of the biggest investments you make why not make take the step to protect your investment with one of our made in America metal carports.

Because most carports are open areas, they do not have doors. Ultimately, the lack of door can be more convenient when you come home with grocery bags or other items you need to carry inside. A carport can also save on energy and electricity. A carport also has more versatility than a garage. When you have parties, you can bring picnic tables and chairs under the carport so your guests can be out of the sun. You can tie a rope between the support posts of your carport structure and hang laundry out to dry even when it’s raining. If you get creative, you can find all sorts of uses for a carport in addition to a just a place to store your car.

Save Money with an All Steel NW Metal Carports

According to a recent article at Home Advisor; most homeowners spend about $24,879 to build an average sized two-car garage. By comparison, a carport offers enormous benefits from a modest budget. The advantage of a carport extends beyond the initial value of covered and safe parking. If your home does not have a garage and you decide to sell it, buyers might consider it a disadvantage. At least with a carport, prospective home hunters will see they can park their car, motorcycle or boat on the grounds rather than the street. Carports may not be for everyone, but for many people’s situations building a carport offer many advantages over building a garage. You should now be more informed and in a better position to make this decision for yourself.

At All Steel NW, We offer metal garage buildings and RV carports in a variety of gauges and sizes. Our experienced team is happy to help you find the right design for your metal RV cover or other storage building. Give us a call or come to one of our demo sites to see what we have to offer. If you don’t find what you need among our standard buildings, we will be happy to design a custom metal building for your particular application. When it comes to locating just the right size, design, color and construction to meet your individual needs give All Steel NW a call today for a free estimate. construction to meet your individual needs. Give All Steel NW a call today for a free estimate.