Residental Metal Buildings

All Steel Northwest made its name and reputation by providing stellar project planning tools and educated customer service. Owner Fred Durant oversees every part of your engagement with All Steel Northwest which is why All Steel Northwest has enjoyed success and growth in the metal building industry. Are you looking to cover your investments? Do you need extra storage to get your toys out of the elements? We offer a large variety of shade structures to choose from, including garages, barns, sheds, carports, and custom metal buildings. Whatever you are looking for, All Steel Northwest is here to help. We are committed to giving our customers a quality product at a price you can afford. Here is a quick peek at our best sellers list.

Metal Carports

The cornerstone of our product line is the metal carport. Here is a great picture of a Classic round roof design. To add strength and visual appeal a contrasting white gable has been added. With All Steel Northwest 12 color options, you too can create just the right metal building to complement your existing structures.

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  • Round roofs are our least expensive, making it the most popular building we offer. The roof is designed with the sheet metal running horizontally, channeling the water from one end to the other, depending on which way the customer wants water to drain. Round roof trusses offer the most clearance. Use this design for Boats, RV Covers, and inexpensive carports.

Look at this simple and beautiful solution a metal carport and utility storage combo. Classic Round Roof Horizontal with contrasting trim and locking roll down door secures the bay opening. This highly functional building in addition to looking GREAT offer weather protection from all four seasons as well as additional storage.

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RV Covers

RV covers are on the best sellers list of metal buildings at All Steel Northwest. Think extra wide and create not just a parking space but a living space.

  • A-Frame Horizontal Roofs offer an inexpensive way of achieving the A-Frame look at an affordable price. Like the round roof, the A-Frame Horizontal roof channels the water to drain off the front or rear.

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    Here is the right solution for keeping your fire truck safe and dry! This classic design round roof provides protection for two oversize vehicles … where else would you keep your fire truck?


    Metal Storage Sheds

Storage shed storage unit portable

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Metal Garages

Classic design Rounded Roof Horizontal with enclosed utility in Barn Red. One of the most successful designs All Steel Northwest has ever offered. This metal building offers dual design solutions answering the call for eye-pleasing design, as well as secure storage and asset protection

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Multi-use Metal buildings

  • A-Frame Vertical Roofs are the strongest and the most expensive of our three roof designs. This is the only roof that channels the water to drain from the peak to the sides. Great for snow, easy to clean, able to install gutters, the A-Frame Vertical Roof is simply the best.

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Metal Barns

Custom configuration and designer touches make this metal barn a real show stopper!

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Remember we assemble SOLUTIONS! Let us exceed your expectations  chat with one of our friendly and educated sales staff to ensure your All Steel Northwest metal building meets all your

ALL STEEL NORTHWEST IS GROWING! All Steel Northwest has answered the call to be your local distributor for American Buildings Company (ABC) products. This relationship means All Steel Northwest now provides large-scale metal buildings to meet a variety of commercial, industrial, agricultural,  and storage needs. Click on over to our Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings page here to find out more