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Why a Metal Building?

The design and energy requirements of today’s building owners demand that their building employs not only advanced designs, but also offer flexibility, energy efficiency, and speedy construction times. With these needs in mind, metal buildings offer a distinct advantage, giving you a safe and dependable shelter for years to come. At All Steel Northwest, our goal is to build the highest value into every project through innovative engineering solutions that combine experience with the latest proven technology – providing you with the best return on your investment.

Authorized Builders for American Buildings Company

As an Authorized Builder of American Buildings Company (ABC), we can accommodate nearly any scope of work needed by our customers, with virtually unlimited resources and extremely competitive pricing. Leading the industry in technology, design flexibility, quality and value for over 70 years, ABC is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of custom steel buildings in the world.

Benefits of a Metal Building

Your metal building will be custom-designed and fabricated to meet your functional requirements. With a metal building, you have a wide range of exterior options such as glass, brick, block, metal panels, insulated panel systems, and more.
Faster and More Efficient Construction
Your metal building will be designed by professional engineers using the industry’s most advanced design system, which simplifies construction and reduces erection time in the field. This translates into lower in-place costs and quicker occupancy of your building.
A pre-engineered steel building offers a more cost-effective solution than conventional construction, and they’re extremely durable with a longer lifespan than wood structures. Adaptable to a number of energy-efficient insulation systems, from basic fiberglass to rigid board, means your energy bills can be easier to manage.
Not only are our metal buildings constructed with recycled steel – and they’re 100% recyclable. Adaptable to a number of energy-efficient insulation systems, a metal building can reduce heating and cooling costs. And a low profile roof eliminates unnecessary head room to heat and cool. Metal buildings can also qualify for LEED points. LEED is a rating system for the design, construction, and operation of performance for green buildings.

As a proud builder of American Buildings Company, your metal building will be designed, detailed, and fabricated in the USA, using American-made steel and crafted with American quality.