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Why cold-formed steel

* Cold Form is Durable:
The durability of cold-formed steel, including its resistance to corrosion, mold, and vermin, gives it a longevity that few building materials can rival.
* Cold Form is Sustainable:
Cold-formed steel framing always contains at least 25% recycled steel (and often more than 70% recycled steel) and meets the highest sustainability requirements of all major green building standards and rating programs.
* Cold Form is Non-Combustible and Resilient:
Cold-formed steel framing is non-combustible, resistant to extreme environmental and seismic loads, blast threats, and ballistic penetration, making it one of the most resilient building materials available.
* Cold Form buildings allow for speedier construction.

At All Steel NW, we specialize in the project. We ensure you get a highly detailed estimate with your weather conditions, snow load and wind accounted for.
JM Buildings has been our right hand for scheduling, planning, and oversight.
Together we plan hundreds of projects in Washington and Oregon. What can we build for you?

Cold-Formed Steel Buildings

Share your goals and details on your location.
One of our trained specialists will create a plan just for you.
Each building comes with engineered plans for your location. Estimates are good for 14 days from issue.

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