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All Steel Northwest Building Solutions encourages your to build strong out of US Steel
Think US Steel when building your next structure. Environmentally kind. Resistant to the weather, strong and infinitely customizable.

You should be the “Little Pig” who builds out of steel. If  US Steel doesn’t come to mind when considering your next building solution I encourage you to keep reading. Perhaps the term “Metal Buildings”, conjures up an image of a rusty metal frame or low-quality box. Facts are you’ve probably driven right by several very attractive buildings and never knew they were pre-engineered steel buildings. Steel is an amazing material. It is versatile,  “high tensile” which means strong under tension and generally lower in cost and faster to build. Other assets of steel building construction are High gauge walls and steel supports allow for 100 percent usable interior space. US Steel is an amazing tool for making beautifully sound buildings.


We know Metal Building Solutions more frequently means Metal Carports, Metal  Garages, and Storage Sheds. So for those of you who are thinking of an additional building to solve your storage and security woes here are a few images to help you create the perfect custom solution.

All Steel NW (plan) | JM Buildings (deliver)

All Steel NW Carports The average car is 6ft wide
The average car is 6ft wide. With doors open it’s 9ft wide on average. Single carports are 12 ft wide and are designed to cover one vehicle.
All Steel NW Double carports
Double carports refer to the ability to cover more than one vehicle. Double carports width run from 18 to 24 wide.
All Steel NW Triple wides
Triple wides refer to our 26, 28 and 30 wide buildings.

Metal carports are our most popular building!  Although we customize, deliver and install thousands a year no two are exactly the same. What you can count on from an All Steel NW Metal Carports is powder-coated steel sheet metal, braces on every leg and trimmed for a clean finish.  Certified to 40 lbs ground snow load and 105 mph.

All our projects use only the highest-quality galvanized steel, designed to hold up to the worst weather winter can dish out. Our quality metal carports are a great way to protect your vehicles from damage due to weather, such as UV radiation from the sun, falling tree limbs, tree sap/pitch, snow, hail, and rain. Our buildings are easy to customize; side panels, gables and extra bracing available for an additional cost. We have fourteen colors to choose from, 14 & 12 gauge framing options.




A Garage can house vehicles, off-road vehicles, and boats. The versatility of building with steel components that assemble on-site means you design the floor plan.

Whether is a place to store your boat, room to work on your vehicles out of the weather or a safe and secure place to lock up your tools and your mower. For these various reasons and more, metal buildings are becoming a popular extension to homes everywhere. Your needs are different than the next guys at All Steel NW Metal Building Solutions we help you create your metal garage to accommodate those needs. Customize your building with bay doors, windows, and paint colors to match your existing buildings.





A little bit of both?

The beauty of a steel building is that it is basically a blank slate. Once the structure is built, it can be insulated, sectioned off and built out to fit just about any use or any look one could dream up.

Need a space that functions as both a workshop and garage, a building that complements your needs perfectly. This Metal Building Solution has it in spades! 18x26x8 Round Roof carport with an 18×8 storage and a 6×7 roll-up door! Built-in one day! Options include vapor barrier on storage roof, 4 foot on center, braces on every leg as well as welded trusses. Certified to 40# ground snow load PSF, 105 mph wind. We deliver and install your building at no extra cost to our customers!





Let our highly trained staff help you design just the right solution for your storage and security needs.
Project planning estimates are always free as is delivery and installation.

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