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Metal Carports – the Seattle Area best solution for protecting your assets against the 37 inches of rainfall expected this winter in Washington state

Seattle Area Metal Carports


Here in the Pacific Northwest, we know the hard winters make for beautiful summers. A typical calendar year can bring 37 inches of rain to the  Seattle Area, at All Steel NW Metal Building Solutions we know the reasons for buying a metal carport can be more than just winter weather…  the sun (yes, it does sunshine here in most years, the  Seattle area averages a daily maximum temperature for July that’s between 73 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit)  is equally as damaging to a vehicle.  Whether you want to protect your vehicles or to add an outdoor entertainment area to your home, a metal carport provides you with the perfect homeowner solution, at the fraction of the price any renovation to build a wooden structure.

Think of all of the benefits that a Metal Carport has to offer:

Durability– Steel is far superior to wood, in its ability to withstand harsh climates. Metal Carports from All Steel Northwest Metal Building Solutions can provide you with the protection you need.

Versatility – Our Carports come in an assortment of colors and styles, each designed to coordinate with your home and existing structures.

Affordability – A Metal Carport is the ideal addition for the homeowner, without taking on the costs of a full remodel. And, at All Steel Northwest Metal Building Solutions delivery and installation are always free! NOTE: You must have a level, easily accessible area for it to be delivered to and installed upon.

Quick and Easy – Ordering the All Steel NW team offers free estimates and project planning. All Steel Northwest is near you, serving the Seattle Area since 2005. JM BUildings will oversee your project from start to finish.


Let’s look at metal carport roof types

When it comes to metal carports there are three roof type: regular, boxed eave, and vertical.

The regular roof type has rounded eaves that come down the side a little bit.

Metal Carports Seattle from all Steel Northwest
Metal carport solutions from All Steel NW

A boxed eave is squared off, providing a small overhang on the sides, with lines running horizontally from front to back.

A vertical roof has lines that run vertically from the peak to the walls and is recommended for excellent strength and runoff and will typically add to the overall price of a metal carport.

Gabling covers the end caps at the roof. You can customize your Metal Carport with one gable end or two you can have one end completely walled.

Metal carports all steel nw belfair washington
Metal carport solutions from All Steel NW

Reinforce your Metal Carport with walls

Walls are often available in 3-foot increments. They do provide security and shelter and give your carport an enclosed look.

Metal buildings Tacoma -Seattle from all Steel Northwest


Metal Carports in the north will require extra strength to handle snowfall. Those in the south may require extra anchoring for high winds during hurricane season. Some can be built with thicker steel and come with a longer warranty. Each of these will add to your cost by varying degrees depending on the size. Be sure to discuss this before buying.



Enclose your carport to add safe secure storage

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